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10 July 2020 – Paraguay

Border Post Between Brazil and Paraguay Reinforced With Tires Following the Interception of 45 Migrants Crossing Irregularly, (Gentileza,
Border Post Between Brazil and Paraguay Reinforced With Tires Following the Interception of 45 Migrants Crossing Irregularly, (Gentileza, "Covid-19: Evitan Cruce Ilegal de 45 Personas en Frontera Entre Paraguay y Brasil," 30 June 2020,

By 9 July, Paraguay had recorded 2,554 cases of Covid-19 and 20 deaths. The country has taken specific measures concerning non-citizens. The Paraguayan migration authority (Dirección General de Migraciones) has prolonged the validity of permits that expired after 13 March 2020. This measure affects people whose temporary residence permits expired after 13 March; non-citizens who have requests pending to present documentation by the immigration authority for the processing of immigration documents, provided that they have expired; non-citizens whose tourist / non-resident permits have expired as of 13 March; and non-citizens who are in the country as tourists / non-residents and whose proof of entry into the country (immigration ticket with entry stamp or immigration stamp in the passport) have expired as of 13 March. The Paraguayan immigration authority also suspended the fine for non-citizens that overstay as many have been left stranded in the country.

According to UNHCR, during May, there were nearly 5,300 persons of concern staying in the country, including 1,016 certified refugees, 694 asylum-seekers, and 3,588 displaced Venezuelans. UNHCR reported that, faced with the Covid-19 situation, their partner agency in the country provided cash assistance to around 64 refugee and migrant families in Asuncion, Alto Parana, and Itapua in May 2020. The agency also distributed food and hygiene items for 164 vulnerable refugee and migrants’ families and hosted a national e-consultation webinar in order to address the socio-economic recovery of refugees and migrants in the framework of the Covid-19 emergency and post emergency. The webinar brought together representatives of key UN agencies, partners, NGO’s specialised in economic integration, the private sector, and refugees and migrants’ organisations.

On 30 June, La Nación reported that immigration officials intercepted 45 Paraguayan and Brazilian nationals who were trying to cross the border. In response, the immigration authority requested greater police presence at certain entry points. There are currently two official border crossings in the Canindeyu department.

In Paraguayan prisons, visits were resumed on 31 May with specific protective measures in place to avoid the spread of Covid-19, such as the filling of a health questionnaire upon arrival, obligation to wear a mask, and people over the age of 65 being prohibited entry. On 25 June, the Minister of Justice, Cecilia Pérez, said that 100 cases of Covid-19 had been confirmed in the Ciudad del Este penitentiary, which currently holds 1,178 persons for 500 spaces.