Stop Arbitrary Detention of Migrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers

Thousands of men, women, and children are locked up every day just because they fled their countries, were trafficked overseas, or sought better lives abroad.

Imprisoned in facilities hidden from scrutiny, they face inhumane living conditions and grave human rights abuses. Some people die in detention or remain permanently scarred, others simply disappear, and others lose hope of ever being freed—even though they are not charged with crimes.  

Donate to the Global Detention Project today to:

  • End arbitrary and indefinite migration-related detention.
  • Ensure that children and other at-risk migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees are never detained.
  • Expose harmful detention practices.
  • Demand justice for people who have been unjustly detained. 
  • Promote the respect and dignity of all non-citizens.