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22 May 2020 – Hungary

Gates of a Transit Zone in Hungary, (P. Gorondi, Picture-Alliance,
Gates of a Transit Zone in Hungary, (P. Gorondi, Picture-Alliance, "Hungary to close transit zone camps for asylum-seekers," DW, 21 May 2020,

Following the CJEU’s ruling on 14 May, (see our 15 April update on Hungary) in which the Court held that Hungary had been illegally detaining asylum-seekers as “the placing of asylum seekers or third-country nationals… in the Rözke transit zone… must be classified as ‘detention,’” the government announced it will be closing transit zone camps. In a tweet, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee said: “Release from unlawful detention is indeed super important for implementing the CJEU judgment, but full implementation also requires other steps. The ruling was also about other issues beyond detention, such as inadmissibility of asylum claims.”

Approximately 280 asylum seekers are currently being held in border camps while their applications are being processed. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff said asylum seekers will now be moved to reception centres across the country. Gergely Gulyas said: “The Hungarian government disagrees with the ruling, we consider it a risk with regard to European security, but as an EU member state, we will adhere to all court rulings.” He also added that in future, asylum requests may only be submitted at Hungarian embassies and consulates.