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Metsälä detention centre

  • Metsala detention centre (Kmak and Seilonen, Administrative Detention of Migrants in the District Court of Helsinki, Border Criminologies, February 2015,


Center status Show sources
Status Observation date
Last documented use 2018
In use 2013
In use 2009

GDP facility typology Show sources
Category Filter Type Observation date
Administrative Immigration detention centre 2009
National typology Show sources
Name Observation date
Detention Unit 2018

Operating Period
Operating period Show sources
Year of Entry Year Ceased

Contact Information

City and region
Metsälä, Helsinki

Address & contact
Niittylänpolku 10, 00620 Helsinki Tel. 050 5120 675 E-mail address


Management and Services
Management Show sources
Name Type Observation date
Finnish Immigration Service Governmental 2018
Helsinki Municipal Department for Social Affairs Governmental 2009
Outsourced services and non-state actors Show sources
Provider Service Observation date
Un-named for profit company Security 2014
Palmia Food services 2009
Palmia Facility maintenance 2009

Security Regime Show sources
Security Level Observation date
Secure 2014

Detention timeframe
Maximum official detention period at facility Show sources
Length Observation date
Long-term (more than 20 days) 2014
Estimated average detention period (days) Show sources
Number of Days Observation date
23 2014
29 2009

Demographics Show sources
Name Observation date
Families 2016
Accompanied minors 2016
Adult women 2009
Adult men 2009
Accompanied minors 2009

Categories of detainees
Categories of detainees Show sources
Name Observation date
Asylum seekers (administrative) 2009
Undocumented migrants (administrative) 2009

Gender segregation Show sources
Gender Segregation Observation date
Yes 2014
Age segregation Show sources
Age Segregation Observation date
Yes 2014

Size and population
Estimated capacity (administrative immigration detention facility) Show sources
Type Capacity Observation date
Standard capacity 40 2017
Total number of detainees (year) Show sources
Number Observation date
333 2014
160 2009
541 2008
488 2007
550 2006
640 2005
Average daily population Show sources
Number Observation date
36.7 2008
37.3 2007
33.4 2006
30.2 2005
Reported population at a specific time Show sources
Number Observation date
28 2014

Reports of adequate or inadequate conditions Show sources
Adequate or Inadequate? Detention centre conditions Observation date
Adequate Lighting 2014
Adequate Temperature 2014
Adequate Ventilation 2014
Adequate Food provision 2014
Adequate Freedom of movement within facility 2014
Adequate Access to internet 2014
Adequate Access to telephones 2014
Adequate Cell space 2014

Specially trained personnel Show sources
Trained Personnel Observation date
Yes 2014

Access by international organizations, civil society, national institutions Show sources
Yes or No Type of institution Observation date
Yes National ombudsman or human rights institution 2014


Custodial authority
Custodial authority Show sources
Agency Ministry Ministry Typology Observation date
Ministry of the Interior Interior or Home Affairs 2016

Budgetary information
Estimated cost per detainee day at facility (in USD) Show sources
Number Observation date
207 2013
Estimated annual facility budget (in USD) Show sources
Amount in U.S. Dollars Building and maintenance Security Staffing Food Medical Other Observation date
3,048,400 2013
1,689,200 Yes 2013
729,000 Yes Yes 2013
100,700 Yes 2013

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