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Rouen-Oissel Centre de Rétention Administrative


Center status Show sources
Status Observation date
In use 2020
In use 2018
In use 2016
In use 2008

GDP facility typology Show sources
Category Filter Type Observation date
Administrative 2017
Administrative Immigration detention centre 2016
National typology Show sources
Name Observation date
Centre de rétention administrative (CRA) 2017
Centre de rétention administrative (CRA) 2016

Operating Period
Operating period Show sources
Year of Entry Year Ceased

Contact Information

City and region
Oissel (Rouen), Seine-Maritime

Address & contact
Ecole nationale de police - Route des Essarts - BP 11- 76350 OISSEL Tel: +33 2 32 11 55 00


Management and Services
Management Show sources
Name Type Observation date
Police aux frontières Governmental 2017
Police aux frontières Governmental 2016
Police nationale / Police des Airs et Frontières PAF Governmental 2008
Outsourced services and non-state actors Show sources
Provider Service Observation date
EUREST Food services 2017
ONET Facility maintenance 2017
ONET Laundry services 2017
ONET Facility maintenance 2016
EUREST Food services 2016

Security Regime Show sources
Security Level Observation date
Secure 2017
Secure 2016
Secure 2008

Detention timeframe
Maximum official detention period at facility Show sources
Length Observation date
Long-term (more than 20 days) 2017
Long-term (more than 20 days) 2016
Estimated average detention period (days) Show sources
Number of Days Observation date
13 2017
12 2016
12.7 2014
10.4 2008

Demographics Show sources
Name Observation date
Unaccompanied minors 2017
Accompanied minors 2017
Families 2017
Adult women 2017
Adult men 2017
Adult women 2016
Adult men 2016
Accompanied minors 2016
Families 2016
Adult men 2013
Adult women 2013
Families 2013
Unaccompanied minors 2013
Accompanied minors 2013
Adult women 2007
Adult men 2007
Families 2007
Accompanied minors 2007

Categories of detainees
Categories of detainees Show sources
Name Observation date
Undocumented migrants (administrative) 2017
Asylum seekers (administrative) 2017
Asylum seekers-Dublin procedure (administrative) 2017
Asylum seekers-Dublin procedure (administrative) 2016
Undocumented migrants (administrative) 2016
Asylum seekers (administrative) 2016
Undocumented migrants (administrative) 2013
Undocumented migrants (administrative) 2008
Asylum seekers (administrative) 2008

Gender segregation Show sources
Gender Segregation Observation date
Yes 2017
Yes 2016
Yes 2008
Legal segregation Show sources
Legal Segregation Observation date
Not Applicable 2017
Family segregation Show sources
Family Segregation Observation date
Yes 2017
Yes 2016
Yes 2008

Size and population
Estimated capacity (administrative immigration detention facility) Show sources
Type Capacity Observation date
Standard capacity 72 2017
Standard capacity 91 2016
Standard capacity 72 2015
Standard capacity 72 2008
Total number of detainees (year) Show sources
Number Observation date
1167 2017
1149 2016
1019 2015
867 2014
869 2013
1057 2007
Reported population at a specific time Show sources
Number Observation date
15 2020

Reports of adequate or inadequate conditions Show sources
Adequate or Inadequate? Detention centre conditions Observation date
Inadequate Temperature 2017
Inadequate Solitary confinement 2017
Inadequate Outdoor exercise 2016

Mistreatment complaints Show sources
Mistreatment Complaints Observation date
Yes 2017

Access by international organizations, civil society, national institutions Show sources
Yes or No Type of institution Observation date
Yes National non-governmental groups 2017
Yes National non-governmental groups 2016
Yes National non-governmental groups 2013
Family access Show sources
Family Access Observation date
Yes 2017
Yes 2016


Custodial authority
Custodial authority Show sources
Agency Ministry Ministry Typology Observation date
Police aux Frontières Ministère de l'Intérieur Interior or Home Affairs 2017
Ministère de l'Intérieur Interior or Home Affairs 2013
Ministère de l’Intérieur de l’Outre-mer et des Collectivités Territoriales Interior or Home Affairs 2008

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