Donations to the Global Detention Project

Donations to the Global Detention Project

The Global Detention Project (GDP) is a tax-exempt association under Swiss Law. Donations to the GDP support efforts to increase transparency of the treatment of people who are detained for immigration-related reasons across the globe. The guiding philosophy of the GDP is that information and data-driven analysis of detention regimes are essential for reforming and improving how non-citizens are treated in custody. We do not share, sell, or make public the personal data of our individual donors. The GDP’s audited accounts are available on request. 

Tax deductibility

If you are a Swiss taxpayer, a gift to the GDP in excess of CHF 100 entitles you to a federal tax deduction (art. 33a LIFD). The rate of tax deductibility off annual income varies among Swiss cantons (art. 9 al. 2 let. i LHID). In Geneva, it is up to 20 percent of your annual net income (art. 37 LIPPGe).

Please be sure to provide your complete address so we can send you a statement of donation at the beginning of the ensuing fiscal year.

Donations to the Global Detention Project can be sent by bank transfer to the following account:

Account holder: Global Detention Project
Bank: UBS AG
Location: Carouge, Switzerland
IBAN: CH73 0024 0240 5969 3401 C

Bank contact information:

Rue des Noirettes 35
1227 Carouge
+41 22 375 61 30