International Law and Migration Detention: Coding State Adherence to Norms

Final Report of the Global Detention Project to the Swiss Network for International Studies

This is the final report of the Global Detention Project’s three-year academic project assessing the relevance of intentional human rights norms to migration-related detention, which was funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies. The project, which was initially launched by the student-led GDP team while they were based at the Programme for the Study of Global Migration at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, helped establish a normative framework for the GDP’s database of fields and indicators aimed at assessing states’ adherence to their human rights obligations in their treatment of migrant detainees. The database outlined in this report would later be launched, after the GDP became an independent civil society organization in 2014, as an interactive online database called the Global Immigration Detention Observatory, which serves as the primary tool of the GDP for working with partner organizations around the world for building data and information about detention policies and practices in all countries.