May 2009 Newsletter

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    Global Detention Project

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    News & Events

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Global Detention Project Newsletter – 11 May 2009


New GDP Publications and Initiatives

Three new country profiles have been posted to the Global Detention Project website:

  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa


The project has initiated two new Resource web pages, a photo gallery page and a page devoted to collecting data on public opinion polls. They can be viewed here:
You are encouraged to contact the project if you have royalty-free images of detention sites or polling data that you would like to contribute to the site. Email:global.detention.project(at)gmail(dot)com



GDP News

On 7 May, Michael Flynn, the GDP’s lead researcher, was invited to give a presentation of the GDP’s work to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention


The International Detention Coalition, an advocacy organization based in Australia with partners in several dozen countries across the globe, promoted the activation of the GDP’s website in its May 2009 newsletter. The IDC’s website can be accessed here:


In early May, began promoting the GDP’s website through banner ads posted on its various web pages. See:


In April, the U.S.-based Detention Watch Network ran a notice from the Global Detention Project on its listserv announcing the unveiling of the project’s website. The Detention Watch Network’s website can be accessed here: