Webinar: “GCM Objective 13: Use Immigration Detention as a Measure of Last Resort and Work Towards Alternatives”

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On 24 November, the GDP’s Executive Director joined a panel of experts to discuss the Global Compact on Migration’s Objective 13 (“Use immigration detention as a measure of last resort and work towards alternatives”), organised by Migrant Forum Asia (MFA).  The panellists, who also included William Gois (MFA), Verena Knaus (UNICEF), Dato’ Sri M. Ramachelvam (High Court of Malaya), Silvia Gomez (IDC), and Rev. Deborah Lee (Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity), discussed how best to prioritise non-custodial alternatives to detention that are line with international law; and the ways in which states should take a human rights-based approach to detention of migrants, only using detention as a measure of last resort.

Extracts of the webinar, including Michael Flynn’s presentation, are available to watch here.

This event was part of a 23-part MFA webinar series, examining each of the Global Compact’s objectives. More information about the series is available here.

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