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17 June 2020 – Luxembourg

Responding to the Global Detention Project’s Covid-19 survey, Luxembourg’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported (on 17 June) that the country has not established a moratorium on new immigration detention orders and has not implemented new immigration, asylum or border policies. The ministry stated that on 16 March, 19 detainees (“retenus”) were released, in part because of a determination that it would not be possible to deport them in the required period of time. Since 18 March, nine additional detainees have been released from the Findel detention centre (“Centre de rétention”) because they could not be deported. The ministry also said that forced returns had been suspended since 11 March.

According to the ministry, released detainees are offered accommodation in the Kirchberg Emergency Facility. Staff members of the Findel detention centre refer released detainees towards adequate accommodation facilities, if these people are unable to find accommodation for themselves.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry also reported that all new arrivals are placed in quarantine for a duration of seven days in a specialised unit. New arrivals are tested within 24 hours of their admission by medical staff in the centre. A second test is then conducted six days after the first and if the result is negative, they are integrated into the normal units. Each time a detainee moves from their unit, save for when they are outside, they must wear a protective mask. Disinfectant gel is also made available to detainees in multiple locations around the centre. The rate of cleaning and disinfection, which are conducted by a private company, has been increased to reduce the risk of contagion. Staff, visitors, and service providers have their temperature taken prior to entering and if their temperature is above 38°C, they are not allowed to enter the centre. It is also an obligation for visitors to constantly wear a mask within the centre and use disinfectant gel. Visits had been temporarily suspended, but resumed in mid-June after protective measures were put in place to ensure social distancing. The ministry also added that the capacity of the Findel detention centre has been reduced as well as the quantity of staff in order to reduce the risk of infection.