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Italy Immigration Detention

No other country in Europe was impacted as dramatically by the “Arab Spring” as Italy, which saw tens of thousands of North African migrants arrive at its shores. The country’s response to the situation—which included claiming a state of emergency, “pushing back” migrants interdicted at sea, and boosting detention operations—became the focus of international attention, drawing rebuke from numerous human rights and humanitarian agencies. The country’s detention and deportation practices have has also been at the centre of several recent ground-breaking legal cases at the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights. Notwithstanding the growing polemic over its treatment of migrants, Italy continues to pursue a number of controversial practices, including confining non-citizens in border facilities that do not appear to be recognized in Italian law, signing new agreements with Libya to “curtail” migration, and allegedly deporting people to Greece before they are able to apply for asylum.

Italy Quick Facts

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