United States: Immigration Detention Set to Expand Despite Growing Calls to Reduce Detainee Numbers Amidst Reports of Mistreatment and Terrible Detention Conditions

A number of civil society groups in the United States have recently published highly critical reports alleging abusive and inhuman conditions at privately operated immigration detention centres. These include reports of abuse and mistreatment of vulnerable people, medical neglect, and failure to provide access to legal assistance. Private prison operators are nevertheless planning important extensions […]

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Aurora migrant detention facility, Colorado (Source: https://www.advocate.com/news/trans-migrants-mistreatment-detention)

Reports of Inhumane Conditions and Worrying Lack of Transparency at Milan’s CPR

In February, a detainee protest concerning harmful living conditions and health risks in a detention centre in Milan was met with violent repression. This latest event, one of a string of similar incidents in Italy’s network of CPRs (Centro di Permanenza per il Rimpatrio), has raised broader concerns about the disregard for human rights across […]

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A group of migrants in Milan's CPR, Source https://www.fanpage.it/milano/appalti-truccati-al-cpr-di-milano-perquisizioni-in-corso-della-guardia-di-finanza/

Poland: Detainees Hold Largest Hunger Strike To-Date; Poles Called To Vote on Refugee and Migrant Policies 

Between 5 and 9 September, immigration detainees in Poland’s Przemysl detention centre (Guarded Centre for Aliens) held a hunger strike against “arbitrary detention” and their prolonged detention in the centre. Taking place against a backdrop of growing anti-migrant rhetoric in the run up to the country’s October elections and referendum, this was the largest collective […]

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