Bulgaria: The alarming case of detained Saudi journalist Abdulrahman al-Khalidi

Bulgaria’s extremely long immigration detention of a Saudi law student and human rights activist reveals the degrading conditions in which migrants and asylum seekers are detained in the country. It also reflects a broader trend in Europe and globally: the de facto use of immigration detention for purposes that may have nothing to do with […]

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Saudi political activist Abdulrahman al-Khalidi (Source: https://www.menarights.org/en/case/abdulrahman-al-bakr-al-khalidi)

Senegal: Blocking the West African Migration Route

The West African migration route leading to Spain’s Canary Islands saw a major spike in traffic in 2023, increasing by 161 percent compared to 2022, according to the European Union border agency, Frontex. As most of these crossings originate in Senegal and involve mainly young migrants, many under the age of 18, the country’s efforts […]

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Migrants on a boat headed to the Canary Islands, (source: https://www.infomigrants.net/en/post/55792/canary-islands-un-steps-in-for-senegalese-teen-held-in-adult-prison)

Urgent Appeal on the Detention and Refoulement of Sudanese Refugees in Egypt

With the escalating conflict in Sudan between the Sudanese army and opposition paramilitary forces entering its twelfth month, the humanitarian crisis in the country continues to deteriorate, with important spill-over effects into neighbouring Egypt. As large numbers of Sudanese refugees have entered Egypt, Egyptian authorities have responded by ramping up arrests, arbitrary detentions, pushbacks, and […]

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Calls for Closure of Controversial Detention Centre in Trinidad and Tobago 

After a Trinidad and Tobago court recognised “shocking and appalling” treatment of a Venezuelan child at the Chaguaramas Heliport detention facility, some are calling for the controversial facility to be closed. Previously, detainees have protested the conditions they were forced to endure at the facility, and human rights activists in the country have argued that […]

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Chaguaramas Heliport Detention Centre (Source, Google Streetview)

Urgent Appeal on the Situation of Myanmarese Refugees in India

India has become an increasingly important destination for refugees fleeing Myanmar since the 2021 coup d’état. While the Indian government has condemned the violence, it has simultaneously ordered several frontline states to identify “illegal immigrants” with a view to deporting them. As states expand their detention systems there are increasing reports about mistreatment in custody, paltry detention conditions, and pushbacks along the border. […]

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Dominican Republic Deportations Surge as Authorities Announce Opening of New Detention Centre

Since our last update in December 2022, the Dominican Republic has continued to step up its policy of mass deportations of Haitians, violating the rights and dignity of non-nationals despite numerous calls for authorities to moderate their actions. To facilitate these deportations, the General Directorate of Immigration has announced plans to establish a new immigration […]

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The Centro Vacacional de Haina has long been plagued by reports of deplorable conditions (Source: Google Maps)

The Bahamas: Joint Submission to the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

Together with CEJIL and OBMICA, the GDP submitted information to the WGAD regarding the Bahamas’ deprivation of liberty of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, stateless persons, and other at-risk groups. […]

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Malawi’s Encampment Policy: Forced Relocations and Detentions 

In March, the Malawi government issued a directive ordering all refugees in the country living in urban or rural areas to relocate to the country’s already overcrowded Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Since then, authorities have forcibly relocated thousands to the camp, often detaining them temporarily in prison.  Forced relocation According to the 27 March directive, all […]

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Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi

Migrants and Asylum Seekers Face Violent Attacks, Then Detention, At Saudi Border. 

In a new report, Human Rights Watch (HRW) details the horrific killing of hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers at the Saudi-Yemen border. According to the report, Saudi border guards have used explosive weapons and shot at groups of people–largely Ethiopian migrants and asylum seekers–killing hundreds, amongst them women and children. Those who survive have […]

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The Threat of Detention for Myanmar Refugees in India 

Authorities in Uttar Pradesh have launched a crackdown on Rohingya refugees, leading to the arrest and detention of dozens of people apprehended during raids at camps. The arrests are part of a wider, nationwide policy targeting refugees from Myanmar. With no legal limits on detention, refugees can be held indefinitely. Recently, when a group who […]

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