Mandatory Detention for all Irregular Arrivals, and Funding a Detention Centre in France? The Latest from the UK

Over the past week, the UK has proposed a number of controversial and extraordinary measures aimed at stopping irregular migration, including proposing new legislation that imposes mandatory detention for anyone crossing the Channel by boat as well as a joint initiative with France that includes helping pay for a new detention centre there. On 7 […]

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Open Letter Calling for Canada to Stop the Use of Provincial Jails for Immigration Detention

The GDP has joined 39 Canadian and international organisations in an open letter calling on Canadian authorities to cease detaining migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in provincial jails. As the GDP has previously documented, Canada has regularly attracted criticism for its persistent use of jails for immigration detention – and in particular, for its placement […]

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STATEMENT: The Impact of the Türkiye/Syria Earthquake on Immigration Detention Centres and Detainees (International Refugee Rights Association & Global Detention Project)

The catastrophic earthquake that hit southeastern Türkiye and neigbouring Syria on 6 February 2023, as well as the dozens of aftershocks that have hit the region since, have had a devastating impact on millions of people in the region and caused the death of more than 40,000 people. The Turkish government has declared a state […]

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Asylum Seeker’s Death Highlights Brutal Impact of Thailand’s Detention Policies

The recent death of a Uyghur asylum seeker detained in the Bangkok Immigration Detention Centre (Suan Phlu) has prompted renewed calls for Thailand to release a group of 49 ethnic Uyghurs who have now been detained in the country for nine years.  Aziz Abdullah, 49, died on 11 February after he collapsed in a cell […]

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Italy and the EU “Complicit” in Crimes Against Non-Nationals in Libya

The brutal treatment of refugees and migrants in Libya has been widely condemned and reported. Intercepted by the country’s coastguard and returned to Libyan “disembarkation zones,” non-nationals are placed in immigration detention facilities where conditions are inhuman. They face indefinite detention with frequent water and food shortages; overcrowding; physical mistreatment and torture; forced labour and […]

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B. Trew, “‘Left to Rot’: Inside Libya’s Squalid Detention Centres Where Migrants and Refugees Suffer a ‘Slow Death,’”The Independent, 4 September 2020,

Rohingya Refugees Detained in Sri Lanka 

In December, Sri Lankan authorities were praised for their quick and successful rescue of 104 Rohingya refugees, stranded at sea when their boat encountered mechanical difficulties. The GDP is concerned to learn, however, that soon after they were brought to dry land, the refugees were placed in two immigration detention facilities in Colombo–one of which […]

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Sri Lankan Navy, “Navy Comes to the Aid of 104 Distressed Myanmar Nationals in Sri Lanka’s Waters,” 18 December 2022,

Denmark Pauses Plans to Outsource Asylum Processing to Rwanda 

On 25 January, Denmark announced that it was pausing its controversial plan to outsource asylum processing to Rwanda. However, the country has expressed its intention to collaborate with other EU states in establishing a processing facility outside Europe. First proposed by the Social Democrat party in the run-up to the country’s 2019 general election, the […]

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On 9 September 2022, Denmark and Rwanda released a joint statement confirming the “Rwanda Plan,” Image Source - Twitter:

Reforming Norway’s Trandum Detention Centre 

Important reforms are due to be implemented at Norway’s Trandum Detention Centre, raising hopes for improved treatment of people in immigration procedures in the country, according to the 2022 Annual Report of Trandum’s independent oversight board. Among the proposed reforms are several harm-reducing proposals identified by the Global Detention Project in our 2018 report commissioned […]

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Trandum Supervisory Board, “Tilsynsrådet for Politiets utlendingsinternat, Trandum Årsmelding 2022,” 2022,

Migrants in Zambia at Grave Risk of Abuse

On December 11, 27 people were found dead in an agricultural area north of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka. The dead, dumped one on top of the other in the street, are presumed to be Ethiopian migrants. According to a police spokesman who spoke to the BBC, the migrants are believed to have “suffocated to death while […]

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DW, “Zambia: Dozens of Suspected Ethiopian Migrants Found Dead,” 12 December 2022,

The Continued Detention of Non-Nationals in Ukraine’s Volyn Detention Centre

The GDP has received alarming reports detailing the detention of 44 non-nationals in Ukraine’s Volyn detention centre (Volyn PTPI). Conditions in the facility are reported to be dire, raising serious concerns for detainees’ safety and wellbeing. (The GDP previously reported about the situation at Volyn, see our 29 April 2022 blog entry below.) Located in […]

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Global Detention Project, “Immigration Detention Admist War: The Case of Ukraine’s Volyn Detention Centre,” 29 April 2022,