Mauritania Immigration Detention Data Profile (2020)

Mauritania Detention Data (2020) The latest detention-related data from Mauritania, including immigration and detention-related statistics, domestic laws and policies, international law, and institutional indicators. View the Mauritania Detention Data Profile Related Reading: Mauritania: Country Page Mauritania: COVID-19 Updates Mauritania: Detention Centres […]

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There and Back Again: On the Diffusion of Immigration Detention

From Mexico to the Bahamas, Mauritania to Lebanon, Turkey to Saudi Arabia, South Africa to Indonesia, Malaysia to Thailand, immigration-related detention has become an established policy apparatus that counts on dedicated facilities and burgeoning institutional bureaucracies. Until relatively recently, however, detention appears to have been largely an ad hoc tool, employed mainly by wealthy states in exigent circumstances. This paper uses concepts from diffusion theory to detail the history of key policy events in several important immigration destination countries that led to the spreading of detention practices during the last 30 years and assesses some of the motives that appear to have encouraged this phenomenon. […]

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Michael Flynn on the Diffusion of Immigration Detention