Panama Immigration Detention Data Profile (2020)

Panama Detention Data (2020) The latest detention-related data from Panama, including immigration and detention-related statistics, domestic laws and policies, international law, and institutional indicators. View the Panama Detention Data Profile Related Reading: Panama: Country Page Report: Immigration Detention in Panama Panama: COVID-19 Updates […]

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Immigration Detention in Panama

An important destination country in Central America, Panama has in recent years overhauled its migration policies in part as a response to a landmark case at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights involving the detention of migrants. Since the case was launched, Panama has adopted a new migration law, decriminalized immigration violations, and established new […]

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Donde Esta La Frontera?

IN THE EARLY MORNING OF DECEMBER 3, 2001, Kanu Okany Patel, a 35- year-old undocumented migrant from Gujarat, India, furtively made his way to the bathroom of a government-run detention center in Guatemala City, tied one end of a sturdy cord he’d secretly stripped from a window curtain around his neck, the other around a […]

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Mexico Migrant Train - Sebastiao Salgado - Flynn/Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists August 2002