Submission to the Committee against Torture: Guatemala

The GDP welcomes the opportunity to provide information relevant to the list of issues prior to the presentation of Guatemala’s report with respect to the implementation of the UN Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (Convention against Torture), ratified by Guatemala in 1990. […]

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Guatemala Immigration Detention Data Profile (2020)

Guatemala Detention Data (2020) The latest detention-related data from Guatemala, including immigration and detention-related statistics, domestic laws and policies, international law, and institutional indicators. View the Guatemala Detention Data Profile Related Reading: Guatemala: Country Page Submission to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR): Guatemala (2017) Report: Immigration Detention in Guatemala (2016) […]

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Submission to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR): Guatemala

Guatemala Global Detention Project Submission to the Universal Periodic Review 28th session of the UPR Working Group, October-November 2017   Submitting organisation The Global Detention Project (GDP) is an independent research centre based in Geneva, which investigates the use of detention as a response to international migration. Its objectives are to improve transparency in the treatment […]

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Immigration Detention in Guatemala

Guatemala is a source country as well as a key migrant transit state linking North and South America. It has also served as an entry point for thousands of “extracontinental” migrants and asylum seekers who hope to continue their journeys north. Mexico and the United States have long pressured the country to halt the movement […]

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Guatemala: Is This Peace?

The civil war ended six years ago. Although Guatemala’s uprooted are trying to rebuild their lives, extreme poverty, violence, distrust, and fear remain. During Guatemala’s 36-year civil war, more than a million people were driven from their homes. This spring, I visited the country to see how, six years after the signing of “a firm […]

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A displaced family from the community of Los Cimientos in the Ixil regio (Michael Flynn/Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 2002)

Donde Esta La Frontera?

IN THE EARLY MORNING OF DECEMBER 3, 2001, Kanu Okany Patel, a 35- year-old undocumented migrant from Gujarat, India, furtively made his way to the bathroom of a government-run detention center in Guatemala City, tied one end of a sturdy cord he’d secretly stripped from a window curtain around his neck, the other around a […]

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Mexico Migrant Train - Sebastiao Salgado - Flynn/Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists August 2002