Uneven Business: Privatisation of Immigration Detention in Europe

Europe reflects a variety of policy responses to the growth of the immigration control industry – from the privatisation of the management of entire immigration detention estates to keeping all detention facilities in official hands and employing private non-profit groups. In this chapter, Michael Flynn, Matthew Flynn, and Eryn Wagon detail the variety of levels and forms of privatisation adopted across the region, as well as the challenges that the outsourcing of immigration controls posits. […]

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Immigration Detention in Greece

Immigration Detention in Greece (2018 Report) Greece is a key focus in Europe’s efforts to halt irregular migration flows. However, the country’s immigration detention laws and practices have been repeatedly denounced by observers, who have pointed to numerous abuses, including the systematic use of detention of vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers, the failure to apply alternatives […]

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Immigration detention in greece

International Law and Migration Detention: Coding State Adherence to Norms

Final Report of the Global Detention Project to the Swiss Network for International Studies This is the final report of the Global Detention Project’s three-year academic project assessing the relevance of intentional human rights norms to migration-related detention, which was funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies. The project, which was initially launched by […]

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